Finding The Best Neighborhoods For Family Activities in Asheville

It’s easy to see why Asheville, NC would appeal to families looking for a new home. With gorgeous natural landscape combined with the amenities of larger cities, we aren’t surprised by the massive influx of people just in the past decade. If your family is considering a move, here are some tips to help you decide what neighborhoods are best for family activities in Asheville.

Get Online

You can take a virtual tour of a city and gain a lot of valuable feedback to narrow your search. Asheville has many online sources of information to check out before you come visit, especially for families:

By perusing these websites, you’ll get a feel for the type, frequency, and location of family activities in Asheville before you even arrive. Also take this opportunity to research school districts, find medical providers, dentists – even your favorite grocery stores. Online browsing will help you eliminate some areas from your search, saving you time when you do plan to visit in person. You’ll find a pretty detailed description of some of the popular neighborhoods on Explore Asheville, here.

Visit Asheville

Of course, the best way to get an idea of the type of neighborhoods and amenities a city has to offer is to spend time there. Fortunately, Asheville is a popular tourist destination, so it’s easy to find places to stay all over town. In fact, you can even do short term rentals to really get a feel of living in a certain neighborhood. We recommend planning your stay around events or activities that you anticipate taking advantage of if you decide to move. Also, it’s a good idea to reserve spots in classes, tours, or other events in advance.

Get Outside

Remember to plan time in your visit to explore the natural beauty of this city. Hiking and biking are some of the most popular free family activities in Asheville, but there are so many other things to do outside. From zip-lining to rafting to visiting our Nature Center, you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy. Locating parks, trails, and activities you like helps you determine which neighborhood you decide to call home.

We would be happy to help you make your move to Asheville as smooth as possible. Our experienced team is familiar with all parts of Asheville and the surrounding suburbs. Contact us for an introductory meeting to discuss your needs, and we can get started right away looking for the home of your dreams.