Jody Flemming

Service. It’s what has defined Jody Flemming’s career path from the day he entered the workforce. After years of strengthening nonprofits and rangering for the National Park Service, Jody decided that it was time for a change. He loved serving people, but wanted to do so in a different capacity. Real estate allows Jody to meet new people and help them get closer to their dreams.

Jody has lived in Asheville since 2003. He has deep connections in and a great understanding of the region and what makes it one of the most special communities in the country. Whether it’s neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, biking and hiking trails, music venues (he’s a DJ, too!), the best bagels or the most interesting beer, Jody knows Asheville. As a proud and grateful father of two wonderful humans who make him incredibly happy every single day, Jody also knows families.

Asheville is a little bit different. Jody is a little bit different. Different is interesting and can open all kinds of new potential for growth, change and fulfillment. If you think he’d be a good real estate resource, a fun person to work with, if you want hiking suggestions, or if you just want to talk about Asheville, call Jody today. He’ll be happy to serve you!

Mobile: (828) 279-8218

Email: jody@sarver-realty.com

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